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What I subscribed to and why…. January 18, 2009

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BBC News: 

I chose to subscribe to BBC news to get a different perspective on the world’s top stories.    I thought it would be interesting to see an international view on the world’s top stories.

NY Times: 

I chose the NY Times as a reliable source of the headlines from around the world.  Also, I subscribed to the education RSS feed to get a little more specific news feed. 

This I Believe:

I wanted to subscribe to this site because I like the concept of this site, where people share their ideas and beliefs.  From this site, I will get the podcasts about certain subjects.

Google News:

I chose to do a few specific searches using google news.  I searched: Army Wives, World War Veterans, and Military Families.  From these search categories, I hope to get some stories about these subjects that Ii can relate to the literature that we are reading in class, or to the current events that are happening today.

Next, I subscribed to to get some military podcasts.  I plan to use this site to help me connect to soldiers that have experienced war, or are currently serving in a war.

Slate Magazine:

Slate magazine is the RSS feeder to the sandbox podcasts.  This will also help me connect with military basis or soldiers around the world, and their experience in or around war.

Jerusalem Post: 

I subscribed to this site because of the events that are happening today.  I thought it would be a useful tool to get the stories from another source, other than the NY times.


Hello world! January 9, 2009

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