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The Strength to go on February 8, 2009

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After reading Vera Britton’s testomony to her struggles and hardships during her time as a nurse during WWI, I often wondered where she found her strength to go on.  I especially had this thought after he long time boyfriend, Roland was killed just two days before seeing her.  In Vera’s life, Roland was the only positive thing, and after he died, it seems as though she would not be able to go on with her daily routine.  However, she does find testrength to make it through.  Vera wrote about how she wondered if it was heroism or folly that killed Roldand.  She was so desperatly hoping it was herosim becasuethat would somehow make it easier to justify and grasp.  She wrote,

“All heroism, I argued desperately in my diary, is to a certain extent unnecessary from a purely utilitarian point of view….But even herosim means something infintely greater and finer, even if less praticale, than just avoiding blame, and doing one’s exact, sterotyped duty and no more.”

Vera often used the idea that if he was killed in a heroic act of duty, then it would be easier to accept ans swallow his death.  This makes me wonder how other girlfriends, wives, sisters, brothers, etc. deal with the death of a loved one who is killed in our current war.  A woman named Dena, now living in Nebraska, recently lost her husband on December 1st from wounds he got while fighting  .   Her husband left behind his wife, Dena and his two young daughters.  Dena created a blogto update family and friends of their progress and their new life since Rob passed away.  As I was reading her recent posts, what struck me the most, was her upbeat attitude and her willingness and strong sense of need to move forward.  I believethat Dena is getting her strength from God, and from knowing that he died a hero.  She wrote,

“Tomorrow is going to be tough. But, Rob died doing what he loved and what he believed in and I am so proud of him. ”

Both women used the idea of herosim to help them get through their difficult times.  Vera and Dena both share a strength to go on, even after the love of their lives was taken from them.  I am in awe at the amount of strength and endurance both of these women had in such devastating times.   After reading and reflecting on both a experience, I wondered how i would deal with such a loss.  I only hope that I can find the strength to carry on like these, and so many other family members do.


Britton, Vera.  Testament of Youth, pg 243

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