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My Blogging Experience April 14, 2009

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The blogging assignment has been interesting to me because I have never created a blog before, or had much experience in the blogging world.  I thought that it made an impact on me and the materials that we were reading because it forced me to reevaluate the reading and then try to connect it to something that is current in today’s society.  I often found myself reflecting a particular subject or idea several times.  It was also interesting to see other people comment on my blog posts.  It made it seem like I was writing them for a purpose or audience.  I’m not sure that I will continue my war blog, but it definitely opened up the possibilities as to creating another type of blog, where I can draw conclusions and reflect on certain events or ideas.  I will however, continue using the RSS feeds on my Google Reader.  I also had never been introduced to this until this class.  I have used it now for several other classes, and found it very useful and an effective use of my time.  I especially enjoyed using this tool for our blog posts because it gave me a more specific search field.


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